Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Just You" by The Milk and Honey Band

"Just You" is a mesmerizing song by the Milk and Honey Band. The band is essentially made up of Robert White, a guitarist/keyboard player formerly with the frazzled psychedelic band Levitation from 1989 to 1993. Robert's latest CD is "Dog Eared Moonlight" (Ape Records) that includes the "Just You" track. "Perhaps it's a scary thought that we're all floating about the cosmos in a random fashion with absolutely no-one looking after us," writes Robert. "Perhaps that's why we need to look after each other a little more and not simply leave it in the hands of a being that may or may not exist." He shot the video during a 2005 road trip he took with his wife, Jan, through California, Nevada and Arizona. "The yellow flowers were filmed in Death Vaelly and it was the first time they'd bloomed in forty years. There were carpets of them everywhere… Very beautiful…

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ramon Sender improvises on an open-tuned autoharp struck with a chopstick, and then talks about his early career as an experimental composer at the San Francisco Tape Music Center, how he helped to organize the Trips Festival in 1966 and went, soon after, into the desert with his dog Lucy to trip, thereby finding his cosmic self and choosing a path of humble country living, lyrical lightness, planetary synergy and voluntary primitivism, co-founding the Morning Star commune with Lou Gottlieb and experimenting with sun yoga and solar strobes.